Summer 2022 camp

Summer 2022 (Year 1) Activities and stories

Summer 2022 (Year 1) Highlight Video (Brief Version)

WEEK 1: June 6: Meeting Jabbawockeez: learning how “to bend” laser rays and create the background using LED panels.

Meeting Jabbawockeez

June 9: College of Hospitality tour with Dr. Glenn Nowak

Brainstorming for project ideas

Week 3: Project development


Wall_ET character (from behind)

Final Projects (Presentations on June 24, 1:15 pm-3:45 pm)

  • Wall- ET character by “Runtime Error”

Members: Maddie Wilson, Bradley Bradenburg, Ellis Dokken, Rylee Anderson

Mentor: Franklin La Rosa Dias

Project Description: The robot displays emotions when a button is pressed and goes back to the normal (smiling state). It also makes a sound.

Materials and Components: Cardboard boxes and paint, speaker, pressure sensor, ESP 32, LED matrix

  • Ferris Wheel by “The Chairs”

Members:   Jay Golightly, Eli Golightly, Axel Strunk, Austin Marquez

Mentor: Denisse Franco 

Project Description: Design of a wheel with LEDs.

Materials: The wheel parts are made from plywood using the laser cut/engrave printer.  

Components: ESP32 microcontroller, LED strips, Servo motor

  • Smart House by “The Cooler Chairs”

Members: Gavin Loewy, Hunter Loewy, Kaia Lowrey, Dylan Veron

Mentor: Monica Narouz

Project description: A miniature model of a house that utilizes various components to significantly benefit the day- to day lives of its occupants. It has a fire alarm system, smart lighting system, RFID door opener, LCD screen to display temperature and humidity, and color-changing LEDs. The house has a sign of the camp (VSL) made in Tinkercad and printed using a 3D printer.

Components: OSOYO miniature house, ESP 8266.

  • Smart Irrigator by “The N-switch”

Members: Lily Jones, Julia Jones, Declan Berger, Armeen Saberinia, Joseph Bowen

Mentor: Renndall Hernandes

Project Description: based on the humidity and temperature, the system starts irrigation.

Materials and Components: Watering system kit, LEDs, Light source, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, water container, plant pots, ESP32 microcontroller.

  • FerroTheater by “Smart Circuits”

Members: Haylee MacDonald, Ethan Park, Roy Kim, Jamen Houston, John Cameron Brian

Mentor: SJ Kim

Project description: The theater is an interactive box display designed as a shared space for the audience to observe the ferrofluid motion activated by magnets. The FerroTheater consists of five primary modules, Motion, Shape Generator by multiple electromagnets), Lighting, Display, and Audio.

Materials and components: 2 oz Ferrofluid, 4 electromagnets, 1 servo motor, 1 Neopixel LED, 1 OLED Display, 1 RGB LED, and 5 ESP32 microcontrollers. Other materials used are recycling boxes and tape.

  • BT-controlled Car by “Insert Name Here

Members: Gray Hilpert, Josia Zephurine, Eric Jimenez

Mentor: Yesenia Henriquez

Project Description:  the car has an unusual/custom-designed and assembled body and moves controlled by a motor. It prototypes a self-driving car carrying ads on Las Vegas Blvd.

Materials and components: laser-printed body parts, DC motor, ESP32.

  • Welcome to Las Vegas by  “Vegas Going Green”

Group members: Tobyas Chau, Ezekiel Chau, Josnick Antonio, Sarah Chen

Mentor Braeden Kurz.

Project Description:  Solar tracker powers up the Las Vegas sign (Welcome to Las Vegas). It readjusts its position based on the direction of the sunlight.

Materials and Components: The Las Vegas sign is designed in Tinkercad, made on the 3D printer and colored according to the original color palette; ESP 32, servo motor, and rechargeable battery.

  • Motion Sword by “Leaves”

Members: William Petersen, Colin Petersen, Rebekah Ellis, Ryan Flores, Nevina Minalez

Mentor: Eryn Gale Aguilar

Project Description: The sword changes color depending on the direction of the swing.

Materials and components: Plastic tube, toy handle, LED strip, IMU, ESP32.