The Team


Graduate Students (at Mentor Training Workshop)

Danxu Wang, MSEE, Electrical&Computer Engineering, UNLV

Hank Boone, PhD, Educational Analytics, College of Engineering, UNLV

Undergraduate Mentors (at Mentor Training Workshop)

Denisse Franco (left) and Monica Narouz (right)
Yessenia Henriquez
Braeden Kurz (left) and Franklin La Rosa Diaz (right)

Rendhall Hernandes

Left to right: Eryn Gale Aguilar, Emily Huynh

Advisory Board

  1. Michael Genova, Entertainment/Art Expert, College of Fine Arts, Coordinator of Entertainment Engineering and Design program, Assistant Professor of the Practice, UNLV.
  2. Snehal Bhakta, Career and Technical Education, Clark County School District.
  3. Elizabeth R. Barrie, Informal Education Specialist, Director of the Office of Online Education, UNLV.
  4. Dr. Joanna K. Garner, Evaluation Expert, Executive Director of the Center for Educational Partnerships, Old Dominion University.
  5. Dr. Mehmet Erdem, Associate Professor, Department of Hospitality, UNLV.
  6. Glenn Nowak, UNLV, School of Architecture, Hospitality Design Lab Coordinator, UNLV.
  7. Michael Hill, Entertainment Technical Supervisor, MGM Grand.
  8. Todd Straley, Production Manager, MGM Grand.
  9. Anna Radef, Learning Strategist, Science/Engineering Instructor, The STEAM Academy @ James Cashman MS, CCSD