Summer 2022 in Videos and Photos

Summer 2022 (Year 1) Highlight Video

Summer 2022 (Year 1) Highlight Video (Brief Version)

WEEK 1: June 6: Meeting Jabbawockeez: learning how “to bend” laser rays and create the background using LED panels.

All in one

June 7: Snap circuits; electronics exploration kit. Learning about electricity, electronics, LEDs, and POVs

Programming the POV.

Arcade project: LEDs, POV, motor, speaker, transistors.

June 8: Visiting Entertainment Engineering&Design (EED) lab, and the Lied Library.

Dr. Mike Genova is demonstrating the light equipment
In the EED lab: learning the light technology.
Learning technologies for medical students in the Lied Library.

June 9: Hospitality sites

College of Hospitality: golf study area
College of Hospitality with Dr. Glenn Nowak
Talking to robot Pepper


Learning magnetism: levitation

Programming Microcontroller

Working with the mentor
It works !!!

End of Week 2: Brainstorming for project ideas

Idea 1- proposal development
Idea 2- Proposal development
Idea 3: Proposal development

Week 3: Project development

Wall-ET character
Ferris Wheel by “The Chairs”
Getting ready: tomorrow is the presentation day.


BT-controlled Car
Wall_ET character (from behind)